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How to deal with a clogged drain

Although a clogged drain is inconvenient, more often than not it is a problem that can be dealt with by the homeowner. Certainly there will be times when the clog is beyond the scope of domestic drain cleaners and the pros at drain cleaning in Timonium will have to come to the rescue.

Why do drains clog in the first place?

The problem is people. It is not supposed to happen, but things other than water go down the drain. As a matter of fact, knowing what went down the drain can be half the battle in unclogging it. In the kitchen sink the culprit is a slow build-up of grease and small food particles. In the bathroom, the problem is usually soapy scum and hair. As time goes by, the buildup continues until the drain is completely blocked.

As well as the normal culprits; grease, hair, etc., it is often caused by a foreign object of some sort being dropped into the drain. Children especially can easily drop a toy into the toilet and flush. If this happens, no chemical drain cleaner known to many will help, that is one of the jobs for the professional drain cleaner in Timonium.

If the clog is not one caused by a foreign object, the first thing to do is to attempt to locate the clog. Many clogs will happen quite close to the drain opening, so remove the strainer, pull out any foreign matter that has accumulated and pour boiling water into the drain. If this does not work, the clog will be a little further down the drain, try a plunger. If the plunger does not move the clog then remove the trap and attempt to snake the drain. If these mechanical approaches do not work, then chemical drain cleaners are the next in line.

Different chemical drain cleaners:

Most drain cleaners, regardless if they are liquid, dry powder or gel, will use some form of caustic substance. The idea of any chemical drain cleaner is to generate heat and they do so by adding to or removing electrons to the material in the clog.

Caustic cleaners: These cleaners contain lye or caustic potash. As the materials are base materials, they give electrons to the clog and the resulting hydroxide ions are what clear the clog. Grease is turned into a spay substance which dissolves easier.

Oxidizing cleaners: These cleaners contain bleach, nitrate or peroxide. These chemicals cause the clog, which is organic, to lose electrons which generate the heat necessary to soften it and move it.

Acid cleaners: These cleaners are rarely used by the homeowner because of the risks involved. A professional drain cleaner in Timonium will often use the acid cleansers because he knows the risks and he has the protective clothing and eye wear needed when working with them.

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