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How to Cope With Demanding Renters

Property managers are bound to experience a demanding renter at some point in their careers.  However, they need to learn to serve demanding tenants with a smile on their face no matter how demanding they get.  Even though they may be cringing inside, they still cannot be rude in any way.  Lashing out will earn them a bad reputation they don’t want to have.  It can be difficult to keep a cool head when someone is making unreasonable demands that never end, but they must remain professional at all times.  Most professional property management Milwaukee firms require their employees to go through training programs that will show them how to deal with different tenant situations and scenarios.  There are a couple of ways that managers can handle demanding tenants.


Property managers need to know the line between putting their foot down and meeting reasonable demands to appease the tenant.  The biggest problem is in knowing what is reasonable and what is not.  If a tenant demands the oven be replaced when there is nothing mechanically wrong with the oven, then the property manager needs to firmly deny the tenants request in a professional manner.  Just because they do not like the color or something else about the oven does not mean the management company is required to replace it.  Consistency is important with decisions.  A quality management company will have policies in place that will provide guidelines on how decisions will be made regarding tenant requests.

Enlighten Them with Their Lease

Sometimes, it may be necessary to show the tenant their lease in the section where it details their rights.  While managers want to make them happy if they possibly can, sometimes it simply becomes overwhelming.  Managers should only grant requests when the tenant has a valid reason for wanting a change.  They may need to receive prior approval from the property owner first, depending on how their contract reads with the property owner.
Your manager should be motivated to make good recommendations and cost-conscious decisions to increase your overall rental returns, while keeping tenants satisfied.  You will need a quality company that has a good reputation to be successful in the local community you own property.  If they make affordable upgrade recommendations, then tenants will see you are making an effort to make their homes look nice and their lives comfortable.

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