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How To Clean A Soda Fountain Machine

Today’s soda fountain machine models are designed to be very easy to clean and maintain. Typically when these machines are well maintained all required is daily external cleaning and specific cleaning inside the equipment on a set schedule.

The frequency of cleaning is not solely dependent on use, at least for the internal components. However, the more frequent the soda fountain machine is used per day the greater the need for cleaning of the exterior of the system.

Exterior Cleaning

When spills, splashes and accidents occur immediate cleaning of the surface of the soda fountain machine is always the best option. This makes getting up the sugary soda a simple process and will eliminate the need for soaking and more intensive cleaning to get rid of built-up sticky messes.

Warm but not hot water with a mild cleaning soap and a clean, lint-free cloth is all it takes to remove even the sticky partially dried mess. This is true for the splash guard, marquee, container sides and even the spill tray area. Never use an abrasive type of cleaning product or scrubber on the surface as this can cause damage and small scratches.

In addition, on a daily basis, the nozzles and levers should be completely wiped free of any residue. Failing to do so can lead to bacteria growth which can be a significant contaminant.

Cooler Cleaning

Once a week, on a regular schedule, the condenser can be vacuumed or swept off with a soft-bristled brush. At the same time the individual cleaning the system to check to make sure all pressure gauges are operating correctly. The remote cooling unit can also be cleaned using warm water and a mild soap once a week or once every two weeks depending on its location.

The syrup tubes and boxes should regularly be cleaned based on the usage of the soda fountain machine. Generally having a technician complete this process at least on a semi-annual basis is highly recommended. However, doing it between technician visits is a wise decision and allows immediate identification of any possible or potential issues.

Keep in mind cleaning when changing flavors of carbonated or non-carbonated beverages to any valve is critical. If this is not complete the soda fountain machine will not provide your customers with a good tasting soda and will lead to customer complaints and employee frustration in having to shut down the machine during times when customers are present.

Our technicians at Lancer will be happy to review a cleaning schedule for your soda fountain machine at the installation. To see more about our customer support go to

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