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How to choose the right electronic assembler

There are companies that design, test, manufacture and distribute electronic components and electronic assemblies for original equipment manufacturers, OEMs. Electronic assembly in California plays a vital role in modern manufacturing. There are very few products that do not contain an electronic component of some sort; anything from the coffee maker to space craft and almost everything in between.

Companies that provide contract electronic assembly in California can offer their services to many smaller companies because they have economy of scale. The assemblers pool the needs of clients and then using their massive purchasing power and their investment in highly sophisticated equipment; produce the electronic assembly at a cost otherwise impossible to match. This entire outsourcing concept is valuable to the OEM as they can concentrate of final assembly and distribution of their product.

Finding the perfect company

Choosing the correct factory to do specific Electronic assembly in California is often times dictated by the type of electronic component. The production of a computer processor is very different from producing the circuit board on which it is eventually mounted. The primary consideration of the purchaser of the electronic component or assembly is the ability of the contract manufacturer to produce consistent high quality at an acceptable unit cost and to be in a position both to produce the required volume and deliver to forecast.

In attempting to identify the perfect company to provide electronic assembly in California, the first step is to identify and determine precisely what the capabilities of any given company is. There are major differences in manufacturing rigid components vs. flexible components and not all companies are tooled to produce both. Some electronic components integrate a ceramic base while others use metal. By focusing on the companies capabilities, it becomes easier to develop a short list of potential outsourcing partners.

Pressures on the electronics industry

The electronics industry is the epitome of a high turnaround and product development and market penetration. Evaluating the time it takes the assembler to turn-around the product from design to delivery is very important. The speed of manufacture and delivery affects the production schedule of the end customer, which in turn affects his ability to get the product to market in a very competitive environment. Although speed is important, it cannot be done with a drop in quality. The devices must maintain a very high and consistent quality as defective boards and other sub contracted components will result in a delay in the final assembly process. Without the ability to provide high volume coupled with excellent quality levels, customer dissatisfaction is bound to follow.

Caltronics Design and Assembly, Inc. offer electronic assembly in California. Caltronics goes beyond just manufacture, they have qualified design engineers, test facilities and excellent quality control and quality assurance.

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