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How to Choose the Best Countertop, Stevens Point WI

Once upon a time, you were only lucky to find limited countertop options. Today, shopping for a new one has never been easier. In fact, the choices can quickly become overwhelming as you can choose from hundreds of materials, colors, textures and patterns. To help you make an informed decision, below is a detailed look on the different countertop, Stevens Point WI made from natural stone.

Marble countertop: This option is made from a crystallized limestone and can be polished to a mirror-finish to make it look more elegant. When choosing this material, you can pick from two options. The first is a marble slab, which is very expensive and can last for the rest of your lifetime. The second option is choosing marble tiles. This option is less expensive when compared to buying marble slabs. Maintaining marble countertops is very easy. All you will need to do is wipe the stone with a clean, wet rag; disinfect the surface and clean spills immediately to keep it glowing. When choosing one, consider size, patterns, and colors based on your personal preferences. Considering your color theme will also help you make an informed choice.

Granite countertop, Stevens Point WI: Granite countertops are mostly found in expensive or high-end kitchens. It is one of the most common natural stone used for making kitchen countertops. Counters made from this material are mostly sold through certified fabricators but can still be found at many kitchen showrooms and home centers. Granite comes in a wide range of colors including vibrant blues, midnight black, variegated browns, mottled white, deep red and more. The material is cut into long, thick slabs, which require only a few seams -if any. After cutting and polishing, this material is then treated with a saturated sealer to make it stain resistant. The best treatment lasts 10 to 15 years. If you choose a granite countertop, you will need to use a stone cleaner when cleaning. When buying granite countertops, you may be expected to pay based on the color of the granite and the complexity of the fabrication.

Soapstone: Countertop made from this material cannot be stained and does not need to be sealed or treated. Therefore, it can be left in its natural state without adding glossy finishes. Being impervious to heat, hot pans and pots can go directly to the countertops and it will not crack from the heat. This material type also fits well with lighter and natural stone surfaces. It consists of talc, chlorite, and magnesium silicate. It can be softer or harder depending on the percentage of each of these elements. If the soapstone contains more talc, the stone will be softer. When making a choice, you can choose from the many interesting color variations, one that provides a unique look, strength, versatility, and durability.

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