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How to choose the best concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are available in a host of different shapes, sizes and colors. If you are considering Driveway paving Middletown CT that makes use of interlocking pavers, the style that you would normally select is one which will match and compliment your home and its surroundings. A faux stone may look wonderful in the country where formality is not so strict whereas a simple brick pattern may be more suitable in an urban environment. The design is only limited to one’s imagination, the availability of the pavers and the budget.

The pavers themselves are produced in modern manufacturing plants where hi capacity equipment can produce pavers that look like authentic stone or clay brick but are made from durable concrete. The driveway paving in Middletown CT can be different from the paving used for adjoining walks and patios simply by selecting different pavers or a different pattern. The use of concrete pavers adds considerably to the charm of any home, and it also adds value.

Because the concrete pavers are uniform, laying them is simple compared to trying to install real stone which is neither the same shape nor the same thickness. Concrete is more durable and stronger than stone or brick and the product is less expensive, not only to procure, but to install. When the job is done by professionals, it is hard to tell the difference between stone masonry and pavers.

The pavers are often available from garden centers, home improvement and DIY centers, masonry suppliers and from professional paving companies who do Driveway paving Middletown CT as a matter of course. The best solution is to visit these suppliers and look at the range of product that they have, often the various products will be laid in a test sample so that you can get a better appreciation of the finished product.

Pavers are installed on a level base of sand; the pavers are sloped in one direction to drain the surface. As the pavers are individual pieces, they can easily be lifted if one should break or if repairs need to be made in the drive. It is a good idea to purchase a few spares when you’re having the driveway paving in Middletown CT done as there can be variances in color from batch to batch.

For driveway paving in Middletown CT you can count on Sullivan Paving Co., Inc. Sullivan can supply asphalt drives, concrete or pavers as well as asphalt sealing for a long lasting, worry free drive.

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