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How to Choose Kitchen Cabinets

When you visit a kitchen cabinet showroom you are entering a place of grand illusion. The cabinets are of course brand new, have no scuffs or scratches, and are empty. In other words, they look great. However, while you certainly want beautiful cabinets to spice up your kitchen décor, you also need to store dishes and food. Top quality kitchen cabinets are the equivalent of fine furniture, and the best will be from a local kitchen Cabinet manufacturer in Spokane Valley WA.

If you want the best kitchen cabinets, you must know what to look for. First, good cabinets are made of wood, not particle board. Wood not only looks a thousand times better, but will last much longer. The front of the wood cabinet should not have knots, scars from poor sanding, grain or color differences in the wood. In addition, when two pieces of wood are joined together the seam should be almost invisible.

The front of drawers should be made from a single piece of wood, and all doors should be made from a single and solid piece of wood as well. The plywood used inside the cabinet should offer uniform grain and be ½ inch thickness at a minimum, and shelving should be at least ¾ inch thick. Drawer slides should be made from 5/8 inch hardwood. When you shop for kitchen cabinets bring your tape measure along to verify measurements.

Hinges must not only be strong, but should be adjustable too. This allows you to properly align your cabinet doors once they are installed. The frames surrounding the cabinet doors sit in grooves. The panels should not be affixed or glued in these grooves. This allows the panels to expand or contract based on the installed humidity and temperature in the kitchen. This is done to prevent the panels from cracking or becoming misaligned.

Drawers that are supported by side mounted supports are sturdier than one centered support. If you want a quiet drawer ensure the drawer is riding on nylon slides when you are choosing cabinets. Good slides can open fully and will hold up to 75 pounds. A kitchen Cabinet manufacturer in Spokane Valley WA can provide the custom cabinets that meet these specifications.

Not all adjustable shelves are equal. Your shelves should be adjustable and supported with metal brackets, not plastic. Adjustable shelves allow you to adapt your new cabinets to your specific needs. Metal is stronger and will outlast plastic. The shelf should be locked in place with plastic plugs.

On the whole, shopping for kitchen cabinets can be fun, yet a daunting experience unless you can tell the difference between inferior and top quality hardwood cabinets. Where you shop for cabinets makes all the difference, which is why you should go with a local kitchen Cabinet manufacturer in Spokane Valley WA.

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