How to Break Free From Being Frustrated and More When Living On-Campus

by | Nov 23, 2023 | student Housing Center

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You have been living in the school’s dorm for over a year, and you cannot believe that you have endured all the inconveniences of living in this type of arrangement. Living in a cramped space with a less than ideal and obnoxious roommate has left you feeling frustrated, to say the very least. So, what can you do about your situation?

Contacting the Dorm Manager

You and your dorm manager recently had a conversation about your situation, but the only thing they can do to help resolve the issue is to move you into another dorm room with a new roommate. While this has crossed your mind, you are still concerned that you will be experiencing the same situation, as with your current roommate. Here is some advice. You might want to consider moving to an off-campus apartment. Here’s why.

Dorm Life to Living Off-Campus: Why the Latter is Way Better Than the Former

The one thing that is keeping you from leaving your on-campus dorm room is that you will have to buy furniture, adding to your costs. Actually, you can reduce costs while gaining access to the best amenities for a complete college student lifestyle by living in a furnished apartment. But, where?

Furnished Floorplans, Amazing Community Amenities, and More

Perhaps you are now searching for the best UCCS student housing off campus but are unsure where to move to. You should live at The Lodges of Colorado Springs. They offer one to four-bedroom floorplans with optional furniture package and internet. Residents are provided with resort-style amenities like a fitness center, a heated swimming pool, a luxurious clubhouse with a coffee bar, shuttle bus service to campus, and much much more. So, what are you waiting for? Visit to reserve your preferred placement at the top UCCS student housing off campus today.

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