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How the Details and Unique Features of Chicago River Cruise Boats Are Made

Chicago’s First Lady cruises have some of the most beautiful river cruise and tour boats around. They have become an iconic part of touring Chicago by river. What makes some of these boats especially beautiful are the unique details and features that really stand out. Here’s how these features and details are made.

Custom Cut Components

It shouldn’t be any surprise that a lot of the details on these boats are custom cut components. The custom cut components were part of the original designs for these boats. They are made from a number of metal fabrication processes, including extruding and stamping of sheet metal. Then the pieces have to pass a rigorous inspection before they are painted and welded onto the boats.

Other Features and Details Are Artistically Made and Welded On

As you wander around one of these Chicago river cruise tours you will see lots of other little details. Some are unique to each of the individual ships in this cruise line fleet. As you might imagine, they are made by metal artists and added for the purpose of reminding tourists that Chicago loves its artists and performers and that tourists shouldn’t miss a show or gallery while in town. Your tour guide on these ships will tell you anything you want to know about the fun details and unique features onboard.

See Them for Yourself

Check out all of the details and features for yourself as you cruise majestically up and down the river. Get your tickets for Chicago’s First Lady Cruises today!

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