How Needle and Chipper Scalers Work

by | Jul 25, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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A needle scaler is a pneumatic tool which consists of a number of needles which remove rust, paint and other debris from a metal surface. The pneumatic scalers in New York City are typical, they have a series of needles that are secured to one end of the tool, these needles move rapidly when the power to the tool is engaged, being an air tool, the power is applied when a handle is depressed. The needles move very quickly, this allows the operator to eliminate a lot of material with little effort on his part. The scalers are somewhat different depending on the task as is the amount of air power required and the scaler body shape.

The body shapes of pneumatic scalers in New York City, NY are either straight or pistol grip. These are the scalers that are most often used in automotive and construction. The function of the scaler is the same regardless of the body shape, the shape only affects the way the operator uses the tool and the level of fatigue. A pistol grip scaler is easier to use when more pressure is required whereas a straight barrel tool increases the reach of the scaler. The pistol grip tool is favored when there are no obstructions but in very tight areas where the operator has limited room to work, the straight barrel scaler is preferred.

Once the task is fully understood and the scaler body shape has been chosen, the next issue is to choose the correct needles to use in the tool. There are basically two types of needle sets; one is chisel point and the others are needle point. The chisel shaped scaler needles are akin to a host of small chisels which texture harder materials whereas the needle point is usually used where a higher force is required over a smaller area; examples would be removing weld slag, paint and rust and they are ideal for irregular surfaces. Either the straight barrel or pistol grip scaler can be fitted with these needles as they are completely interchangeable.

These tools can be electric or pneumatic powered. The pneumatic scaler has fewer moving parts so it is the scaler of choice, however, they do require a compressor to supply the air. Click here for more information.


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