How Invisalign Clayton Can Help Solve Your Dental Problems Jul15


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How Invisalign Clayton Can Help Solve Your Dental Problems

One of the most common methods of ensuring proper alignment of teeth is using braces. The traditional choices were, however, unsightly metallic braces. This was especially hard on children who had to endure taunts from their colleagues. There is now a solution to this in the form of Invisalign Clayton. These are removable custom made aligners that are clear and can fit to each of the teeth. This allows them to allow the necessary pressure to move the teeth into place with time. They use the same principle as the metal braces but are more aesthetically appealing.

The first step towards getting Invisalign Clayton treatment by Dr. Aubert involves you seeking a consultation with a dentist or an orthodontist. The specialist will be able to examine your teeth and develop a plan of what movements are required to straighten the teeth. It is important that the planning is correctly done so as to achieve the desired results. The dentist will also be able to advice on whether the treatment you need can be done by these aligners. This is because they are not used for all problems. They are used for spaced teeth, teeth which are crowded, over bite, cross bite and under bite.

After the treatment is prescribed, Invisalign Clayton braces are then developed according to the plan mapped out during the examination. Since the braces are custom made, x-rays are taken of your teeth to guide in the development.

People are going for Invisalign Clayton braces because of several reasons. One is that the braces are only visible if a person is standing really close, hence the name invisalign. They also require significantly less maintenance as compared to the traditional metal braces. This type of braces is also more comfortable. Metallic braces can be painful to adjust and the wires may stick.

The growing concern about how one looks is what led to the development of invisalign braces. It is in the class of cosmetic dentistry which combines beauty and functionality. Since the treatment with braces takes a long period of time, there is no reason you should burden yourself with ugly metallic fixtures when there is a more appealing option.

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