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How effective are the CPA review materials?

The national success rate for the CPA exam is less than 50%, and yet everyone who enters the room is convinced they will pass the exam. With costs in the area of $1,000 to prepare for and sit the exam, it is understandable that everyone believes they will pass; failure is simply not an option.

But, the unimaginable happens, half or more of the people who sit the exam fail.

The difference between passing and failing is down to two things:

  • The effort expended in preparing for the exam
  • The right review materials

The CPA exam is not something that is a shoe-in just because the person has a degree in accounting from university, the CPA exam is as tough an exam as there is and although the things you learned in university will come in handy, this knowledge alone will not get you a passing grade.

How to prepare for the CPA exam:

There are two things that are important in passing this exam, one is preparation and the other is the CPA review materials that you have at your disposal and making sure this material is suitable for you.

There are many companies that offer CPA exam review materials, all of who offer a quality product, but what must be understood, there are no materials that have ever resulted in a consistent 100% success rate among the students using the material. No matter how good the review material is, there is no such thing as a guarantee of success.

If the student does not take the review courses seriously, it makes little difference how much the materials cost, the result will be failure. If you do take the review seriously, then you must find the review course that works best for you, money is really not the mark of success.

The goal:

The goal is to pass the exam; the passing grade is 75%. It makes little or no difference whether you are a middle of the road candidate or a genius with accounting, without a 75% score, you have failed. There is nothing more and nothing less, the 75% is all there is.

Selecting the course:

Many of those companies that provide CPA review material provide them with restricted usage. If your use of the material goes beyond one year, you are forced to pay for the material again. There are many reasons why you may exceed this period of time, make sure the course you buy allows some degree of flexibility.

You also have to take into account the cost of the course. Yes, when you become a CPA you will be in a position to command a big salary, but at this stage of your career, you have to pay particular attention to the cost of the review material.

When you want to know how effective are the CPA review materials that are on offer, all you have to do is read the various offerings on the internet. Black CPA Review is dedicated to you passing the CPA exam.

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