How DUI Defense Lawyer Is More Helpful Than Fighting Alone? Sep18


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How DUI Defense Lawyer Is More Helpful Than Fighting Alone?

After being arrested for DUI, you’ll need to seek out the advice and counsel of an experienced and effective Illinois DUI attorney. In his or her representation of you, a knowledgeable and talented DUI attorney can routinely attend to legal issues that you simply don’t have the tools to address. Here are five of them.

Invoking Your Right to Remain Silent

The law doesn’t require you to give police, prosecutors, or a judge a confession. It doesn’t require you to testify in a trial either. The Fifth Amendment protects you against incriminating yourself. Your lawyer will protect you from inadvertently harming your defense.


A lawyer with significant DUI training and experienced is likely to respected by both prosecutors and judges. That lawyer’s case assessment and recommendations before a trial is scheduled are more likely to be carefully weighted by these people than ignored.

Compelling Production of Evidence

The prosecution is required to provide you with all evidence that either tends to prove your guilt or tends to negate it. For example, there might be dashcam footage of you performing field sobriety tests. The arresting officer said that you failed those tests, and you said that you performed them well. Maybe you did, and the prosecution doesn’t want you to have that evidence. A veteran DUI defense lawyer knows how to use this situation to your advantage.

Your Judge Will Require It

You have no courtroom or criminal law experience. No matter how much reading that you do on Illinois DUI law, you still won’t stand a chance against an experienced prosecutor. Your judge will give an attorney on your behalf far more courtesy and deference than he or she will give you.

Giving Yourself the Best Chance

A quality DUI lawyer won’t take the prosecution’s evidence at face value. He or she will challenge every aspect of it and argue against faulty information and holes the prosecution’s evidence. Proper and timely objections to evidence can operate to exclude evidence and enhance the likelihood of a favorable disposition of your case.

Don’t go to court alone with your hands in your pockets. Contact an Illinois DUI attorney here at Driver Defense Team as soon as possible after your arrest for a free consultation and case review.

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