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How Do Chiropractors Help With Neck and Arm Pain?

When one is dealing with Neck and Arm Pain, it can be difficult for them to live a normal life. Unfortunately, most people dealing with this type of pain rely on risky pain medications that can cause adverse health reactions. Instead of relying on these medications, it behooves a person to seek a natural treatment for their pain. A chiropractor can not only pinpoint the reason causing the pain but can also provide a natural treatment that will stop the progression of pain and allow them to return to their normal level of activity.

Neck and Arm Pain often stem from the cervical spine. This is the area of the spine that lies in the neck area. When the vertebrae in this region of the spine come out of their normal alignment, undue pressure can be placed on the nerves and soft tissues in the neck, shoulders, and arms. This can send shooting pain down the arms and can interfere with the normal motion of the neck, arms, and shoulders.

The treatment for this type of pain involves first checking the alignment of the spine. If subluxations are to blame for the patient’s pain, the chiropractor will work to move the vertebrae back into their natural positions. In most cases, this begins to offer immediate pain relief, though complete healing will take place over a period of days and weeks. It is important one continues to have treatments carried out until the soft supporting structures of the neck and shoulders are strengthened and able to hold the vertebrae in their natural positions.

Each treatment is geared toward protecting the health of the cervical spine. These adjustments use special tools to ensure the bones can be gently and effectively moved into position. With ongoing treatment, pain can be reduced and mobility can be restored.

If you are experiencing ongoing pain in your neck and arms, now is the time to seek treatment. so you can learn more about the services they offer. With a consultation appointment, you can learn what is causing your pain and make a decision on whether or not chiropractic care will benefit you.

At the Back & Neck Care Center of North County, we stride to provide our patients with a comfortable, pain-free life. Our chiropractors have years of experience and training to help you with your low back pain or neck pain.

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