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How Commercial Shredding Companies in San Diego Could Help You Avoid Application Fraud

There are over 10,000 identity fraud rings in the U.S. and because identity fraud is widely spoken about, most people believe it to be the only type of fraud they could fall victim to. However, application fraud is another common type of fraud that can be avoided when you work with commercial shredding companies in San Diego. Your business reputation could be severely tarnished if you are targeted for application fraud and the ongoing consequences can be devastating in most cases. By speaking with commercial shredding companies in San Diego, you could protect the identity of your employees and customers.

The Categories of Application Fraud

There are two main categories of application fraud and by knowing what these are; you can understand whether or not you need help from commercial shredding companies in San Diego. Assumed identity is one type of credit card fraud and this involves assuming another person’s identity. A fraudster would do this so that they can gather someone else’s credit cards and if you have moved properties recently, you may be more at risk. The other category of application fraud is financial fraud, which happens when someone tries to get a credit card with false information.

The Methods of Application Fraud

For application fraud to be carried out effectively, the fraudster must be very experienced. You can call commercial shredding companies in San Diego to help you avoid this. If details from your driving license, passport, post mail or bank statements are used by a fraudster, they could easily apply for a credit card with this information. The credit card company would then believe that you are the owner of the card however, the criminal will rack up a large bill and you will be left with the financial troubles. Other methods of fraud used to apply for credit cards include intercept fraud, card replication, skimming and number theft.

How to Protect Your Identity

Nobody is safe from application fraud but the best way to protect your identity is to contact commercial shredding companies in San Diego. Make sure you find a company that has a list of positive customer testimonials and that uses state-of-the-art equipment. All equipment should be tried and tested and they should also offer convenience by offering you mobile shredding services. With mobile shredding services, you can relax and continue with daily duties while the staff members shred your documents and provide you with an invoice detailing the work they have carried out. Always research before you spend money on these services.

The first step to protecting your identity is contacting commercial shredding companies in San Diego, like Shred Confidential. At 1shred.com you can learn about the company and the services offered.

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