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How Can Stairwell Pendant Lighting Work for You?

One of the best things about pendant lights is that they are so versatile. You can take a single light and hang in over a space, and it can create a statement and add functional light to the room. You can add a grouping of them over a tabletop to create a far more impressive chandelier than you may have had there. What about stairwell pendant lighting? How can you add these lights to your stairs to get the quality of light you need and the look you desire?

Grouping Them Together

One of the most common ways to create stairwell pendant lighting is by grouping. Choose a series of pendant lights at various lengths. You can have them installed together in a small grouping over the staircase, which allows you to have lights that are bright enough to keep everyone safe when walking up and down them, but they also can help you to create a fantastic statement. Hang them at various lengths to create a cascading feel to them.

Using Them in a Circular Motion

One of the most interesting ways to use these lights is to create a spiral of smaller lights hanging together over an area. This allows for an impressive look, and it can work well in the main foyer of your home, for example. This can also work in any area where you want to make a big statement of elegance and beauty using light. The key is to choose the right stairwell pendant lighting styles to pair together to create this look.

Stairwell pendant lighting is a fantastic investment and one that can work in any style of home. Your only rule is to ensure you are choosing the very best in quality and style of the lights to ensure they create the look you desire.

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