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How Can a Pelvic Floor Therapist near Springfield, VA Help You?

A pelvic floor therapist near Springfield, VA, is a licensed professional that can provide you with the exercises and strategies needed to improve pelvic floor muscles. This can offer a range of benefits to you, including treating pain that does not improve with other methods. It can also help with strengthening the muscles that are otherwise weak and often cause incontinence.

The goal of working with a pelvic floor therapist is to gain improvement in the blood flow in the connective and muscle tissues within this area. In doing so, it is possible to improve the overall function of those muscles.

Reach out to a pelvic floor therapist near Springfield, VA, if you have pain when urinating or when your bladder is full. You can also benefit if you have leakage whenever you laugh, cough, or sneeze. Treatment can help to give you confidence back.

When looking for a pelvic floor therapist near Springfield, VA, look to Union Yoga & Physical Therapy. See how they can meet your needs at www.unionyogapt.com.

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