How Bail Bondsman in Minnesota Can Help Offenders Stay Out Of Jail

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Bail Bonds

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If you committed a crime, you’ll likely be arrested and charged for the incident. When you’re standing in front of the judge, you may be granted the option of placing bail. In this case you’ll need a Bail Bondsman in Minnesota in order to help you. These are the professionals you can turn to that will help you get out of jail until all of this is over.

Most people that have never been arrested, or those who’ve never had to bail anyone out, have no idea about what Bail Bond Services in Minnesota actually do. Bail bond services are meant to help pay your way out of jail until your time with the courts and your case are up. When the courts grant you the option of bail, they typically set it rather high. The amount of the bail depends on the crime you’ve committed. For instance, if you’re being charged with aggravated assault, you might have a bail set at $10,000. On the other hand, if you’re being charged with murder, your bail might be set at $1 million. Basically, the more severe the crime is the higher the bail will be.

However, most people don’t have $10,000 or a $1 million just lying around. Alleged offenders also don’t want to stay in jail for several months until their trial date. In this case, the alleged offender will have a bail bondsman help to pay the bail. The bondsman will put the money up to pay the bail, but will have to receive some sort of collateral. You’re essentially receiving a loan from the bail bonds service. This deal usually involves a family member or friend. You need someone to cosign for your release from jail. It’s the responsibility of this person to make sure you obey the law, and that you meet all of your subsequent court dates.

The bail money provided by a Bail Bondsman in Minnesota is provided with interest. The interest is how bail bondsmen make their money. After the offender’s obligations are met, the courts will return the money to the bail bonds service, and any collateral provided will be yours to keep. However, if for some reason an offender refuses to cooperate during this time, their bail can be revoked. When this happens a warrant is put out for their arrest, and any collateral put up is at risk of being repossessed.

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