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How are Wedding Ice Sculptures Prepared?

An ice sculpture can be one of the most memorable decorations that you could use for a wedding. This kind of sculpture is made with frozen water that has been set into a certain mold and then carved to create a unique look. An ice sculpture can come in several designs for this special kind of occasion. You should see how this kind of decoration is prepared.

An Appropriate Mold

A mold has to be prepared to get the sculpture ready. You should be able to choose from a variety of design options for the sculpture. These can include some traditional designs like peaceful doves, a wedding couple statue or even something like a cross depending on what the mood for the event could be. Try to find a design that you can find as being appropriate for whatever you want to get.

Inserting Water

The water for your wedding ice sculpture can be added into the mold. In most cases this is added by using a small hole located inside the mold. The mold can be completely covered to protect the water from escaping or leaking. The water that is added into the hole may end up overflowing but this is often to make sure that the water is actually in there all the way. The excess water at the top or bottom of the mold can always be trimmed off after the statue is finished.

Can Coloring Work?

Sometimes coloring is used to add an additional effect to the sculpture. It is not required but it may work if the user wants to find something a little more interesting for the sculpture. The water can be treated with a special food coloring item to create a unique hue that adds to the appearance of the sculpture. The coloring has to be added at an appropriate amount in order to create something that is actually vibrant and noticeable.

Removing the Ice

The ice has to be removed after a while. The ice can be taken out from the mold and then chiseled or sanded in different areas to create something that looks as unique as possible. This includes trimming any items that might have been left up after the mold was filled to the brim during the creation of the statue.

The sculpture can then be placed in storage in a freezer until needed. It could also be sent out to the wedding right away if needed. It is generally best to ask for the statue to be made in advance so there will be a better chance for the sculpture to actually look as great as it should be in a spot.

You should take a look at what you want to get out of your ice when asking for a wedding ice sculpture for a big event. Your ice sculpture can be designed with a nice look that could add to whatever it is you want to get out of your event. The procedure is made to make it as easy to create as possible for any kind of look.

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