How Are Vegan Cosmetics Different from Regular Makeup Products? Aug01


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How Are Vegan Cosmetics Different from Regular Makeup Products?

7933916_lIf you have never heard of vegan cosmetics, you may not be sure of exactly what they are.  Cosmetic products are considered “vegan” only if they are made using absolutely no animal products. This also means that to be truly vegan, a product must not be tested on animals. Cosmetic companies who produce vegan products are utilizing herbal ingredients for a natural look rather than harsh synthetic materials and chemicals.  When you use these products, you may find that your skin truly looks and feels its best.

You may think it challenging to use purely vegan cosmetics with so many makeup products on the market containing animal products are that are being testing on animals before being sold. An easy way to make sure you are using truly vegan makeup is to purchase it from an all-natural online cosmetic company. These companies do not sell makeup products that are made from animals or are tested on animals.

Are vegan cosmetics truly better for your skin? Think of it this way – do you really want dead animal products on your skin? Natural ingredients made from herbal products contain the oils from nature that pamper your skin with nutrients. You can be sure all- natural vegan products are safe and will not cause any harm to your skin.

What kind of products should you be on the look-out for? Some of the ingredients that are in many of the mainline cosmetic brands include animal products. One common ingredient that is an animal by-product is “carmine.” It is a red-colored compound found in rouge, foundations, eye shadows and lipstick made from crushed insects. Another animal by-product found in many cosmetics is called “elastin” and is made from the connective tissues of animals. It is commonly used in moisturizers and conditioners. Here are some other common animal products used in cosmetics that you may not know about:

  • Collagen: This is made from animals or from human placenta
  • Beeswax: This is a product found in lipstick or lip balms
  • Allantoin:  This is the uric acid of cows or other mammals used to make many mineral makeup products
  • Carotene:  This is a pigment that comes from animal tissue and is used to color many cosmetics
  • Gelatin: This protein is made from cow and pig bones, ligaments and skin and can be found in many shampoos and facial masks

Vegan products utilize natural materials for cosmetics such as oil from plant oils to soften skin.  If you are concerned about using products made from animals and want to go with an all-natural solution, you can order vegan cosmetics at an online all-natural cosmetics store.

If using cosmetics made with animal products causes you concern, you can buy all-natural vegan cosmetics from Lotus Herbals. Lotus Herbals is India’s leading natural cosmetics company with over 250 skin products for retail and professional markets. The company has been in business since 1993 and follows strict manufacturing processes to ensure the quality of all products. For more information about Lotus Herbals natural cosmetics, you can visit the website, You may also email the company.

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