How are fares for a taxi calculated?

by | Aug 3, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

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There are several ways in which taxi fares are determined, the most simple is when the driver agrees to take the passenger from point “A” to point “B” for an agreed upon price; simple and straightforward. This is often the case when a taxi takes an arriving passenger from the airport to his home or hotel. Depending on the distance the fare will be pre-set, the father the taxi has to go the more it will cost. A Malden taxi from Logan Airport has a different fee than a Woburn Taxi from the airport.

Other than fixed fares, other methods of calculating taxi fares can get quite complicated. Fares can be calculated based on distance travelled, time or use. Use is considered the flag fall, the moment the passenger closes the door, the flag falls and a starting fee is set. The use fee is often set by the municipality where Malden taxi operates from.

The use fee, or flag fall, does not take into account time or distance. Once the use fee is set, the distance and time fees follow and as they accumulate they are displayed on the taxi meter.

Unless a different route is taken for the trip, the distance is the same. This may not be the same for time. Time is taken into account in the fare calculation as it compensates for heavy traffic or stops that the passenger may request where the taxi is asked to wait. The time fee is usually charged when the vehicle is not moving or moving at a speed under the minimum set.

The normal taxi fare is a combination of distance and time of use. The rate is normally charged by the tenth of a mile and if the trip takes longer than anticipated then time charges kick in. Short trips usually only amount to the use fee and distance, often time is not assessed. It is longer rides where traffic can be expected, when time becomes a part of the equation. In very heavy traffic when the trip is short, it is often better to walk or grab a bus; walking actually may prove to be the quickest in heavy downtown traffic.

In addition to the metered fare, at the end of the trip it is customary to tip the driver. Depending on the service and the demeanor of the driver, the tip is usually between 10 and 20 percent of the fare.

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