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How an NCOA link can transform your business

A major issue for businesses that regularly use the postal service is that the customers on their mailing lists are often going to be moving home and changing address. As each person moves home, your business will still be sending mail to their previous home, something that amounts to a waste in resources. The number of people moving home will always steadily increase until you discover that a huge portion of your mailing list do not even reside at the address you have set down. Mailing to incorrect customers or addresses is a huge problem for businesses, not only as it wastes a lot of money but it also reflects badly on their businesses reputation for excellence and organization. Having a link to the USPS NCOA can completely transform the way your business works, and leave you safe in the knowledge that your post is reaching the right people at the right address.

What is an NCOA link?
NCOA stands for National Change Of Address, and is a register operated by the United States Postal Service to ensure companies using their mailing service can send their post to customers of their who have since moved to a new home. Mail to incorrect addresses is a big problem for businesses and the USPS, wasting the money of the former and the resources of the latter. Both sides decided to team up and create the USPS NCOA, which automatically updates the address databases of the USPS and businesses to create a more efficient mailing service. Nobody likes to receive mail intended for the previous occupants of their home, and the USPS do not like to waste their resources delivering mail to the wrong address. Having a link to the NCOA makes businesses work at a much more efficient rate, saving them a significant amount of money in postal costs as well as maintaining their reputation.

How can I use the NCOA to my advantage?
Access to the NCOA for your business is available usually on a paid subscription basis, and operated by a professional software service. It is highly recommended to have a team of experts manage this portion of your business, as it is vitally important that such a sensitive area of your business is run as smoothly as possible. Due to the vast amount of data involved, and the great complexity of the software, attempting to manage the entire procedure on your own could be disastrous for your business. Leaving such a monumental task to professionals with years of experience in the matter is wise, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your address databases are kept immaculately clean, and that all your mail is safely reaching the right people at the right address.

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