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How an Air Loss Mattress Minimizes Skin Problems

Are you battling skin sores? Perhaps you have a loved one who spends a lot of time in bed due to a health complication or an injury. The time they spend there is difficult. You know it is uncomfortable, but what can make it worse is when the skin becomes inflamed, irritated, and even broken open due to the contact it has with the bed and sheets itself. This can create painful areas of the skin that simply can become life threatening quickly. An air loss mattress may offer some help.

How Does It Work?

This type of mattress works in a very simple way. It creates what seems like a break between the skin and the mattress. In effect, a person is floating above the mattress because there is a stream of air that moves between the mattress and the skin itself. As a result, there is much less skin to mattress contact. And, that means it allows for the skin to have less risk of damage from these types of incidents.

Who Needs It?

An air loss mattress works well in many situations. It can be an excellent choice for anyone who is spending a lot of time in bed. They are commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes where people spend a lot of time in bed. And, you can use them at home in some situations.

An air loss mattress offers a bit of help protecting the skin. It can minimize many of the skin irritations a person has as a result of spending too much time in contact with the mattress. It is not a fail-safe. That is, proper movement and cleanliness are still big factors. Yet, this tool can provide for one of the best solutions many need for skin related conditions.

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