How a Property Manager Can Help You Retain Exceptional Tenants

The number of tenants who live in rented properties has risen astronomically over the last several years.  This is great for property owners, but it has caused a slight shortage of rental housing in some geographical areas.  While property owners have more choices in the tenants they select, they still have to be on top of things to offer the best services.  The housing marketing is stabilizing, and tenants are demanding more for their rental dollars than they ever have before.  They want a nice home, plenty of amenities, and an affordable rental rate.  Getting a quality tenant is only half the battle for property owners and managers.  They have to be extremely savvy to keep them once they have them.  Retaining an existing tenant is a whole lot cheaper than trying to find, screen, and move in a new one.  There are several ways that property managers can help landlords to keep tenants happy so that they will renew their leases.

Communication is the Key

Tenants want to know what is going on around them.  They want to be informed of important events, changes within the property management company they deal with, and anything else that would be important to them.  Some rental management Baton Rouge companies have resorted to sending monthly newsletters, while others have started posting things online for renters to see.  Communication is vital if you expect your tenants to renew their leases.  Respect is a two-way street, so you have to give them respect if you expect to receive it.  Tenants will not stay if they do not feel as if they are being treated right.  Always make sure you respond to their requests or correspondence in a timely manner.

Keeping Rental Properties Maintained

Every property owner should keep their properties well-maintained, whether tenants are happy with their services or not.  If you allow the property to deteriorate, then you will not only lose a good tenant, but you will find it hard to gain any new tenants as well.  Nobody wants to live in a home that looks old and trashy.  Property owners should inspect their properties regularly and fix things promptly if they want to keep tenants.  Tenants have a lot of options if they pay their rent on time and have good credit, so they will simply leave and move on to better living accommodations if they cannot get the services they want with your company.  Keep them happy if you expect a high retention rate.

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