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How a Child Custody Attorney in Suffolk County, NY can Help You With Custodial Arrangements

Child custody issues tend to be emotional ones, making it difficult for the parents to get through. There are any number of reasons for child custody to have to become a matter for the courts, but they are still heart-wrenching for all involved. Children are having their worlds shaken up and parents are having to deal with themselves as well as explain what’s going on. It’s not an easy time for anyone involved. Retaining a Child Custody Attorney In Suffolk County NY can help with making the transition easier and keep everything in line with the law.

The goal behind a child custody issue is to get the decisions made bound by law. You may not want to spend the money on a lawyer to get this accomplished, but you’ll fare better in the long run for having one. Todd J. Zimmer can help you understand why you need a lawyer for this issue and drive home the necessity of legal representation to protect your and your child’s rights.

The judge in the hearing has to play decision maker during the creation of a child custody arrangement. She has to come to a conclusion as to which parent is going to be the better choice, or who gets majority custody, even full-time custody. Therefore, it’s important for the parent seeking custody to have all of the supporting documentation available. The judge is going to ask for financial status, living situation and what kind of custody is being sought. You need to be prepared for all of these questions, and if you have never been before a judge, you may be caught off-guard if you don’t have an attorney.

Courts typically tend to try to work it out so that both parents get equal custody, but there are times when a parent isn’t doing their job, or doesn’t seem to care to. This is where the court proceedings can become contentious and downright hostile as one parent is seeking to terminate the rights of the other. It truly becomes a battle, requires a lot of patience and the assistance of an experienced attorney to successfully gain full custody of a child. Visit website for more information.

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