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How a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Assist You

If you are facing a mountain of debt and feel that you have nowhere to turn, consider contacting an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer Oshkosh. While bankruptcy should be your last resort, there are many situations where it is a good option that just shouldn’t be ignored. A bankruptcy lawyer can assist you in determining whether filing for bankruptcy is a good choice in your individual situation. By assessing your debt, your income, and your financial history, the attorney will be able to advise you on the best options for starting fresh and eliminating the mountain of debt that is weighing you down.

In most cases, bankruptcy will eliminate all of your debt or at least the majority of it. If you feel like there is just no possible way to climb out of the hole of debt you are in, bankruptcy might be the best option to help you just start over with a brand new outlook on life and your finances. There are many myths about the way bankruptcy impacts your debt, but a bankruptcy lawyer can analyze your particular financial obligations and show you what is eligible to be discharged and whether you can keep your property in the process.

If you are carrying a lot of credit card debt, bankruptcy could be a good way out of the hole you are in. When you have a poor payment history, you will undoubtedly incur sky high interest rates and late fees can stack up quickly, leaving you with more money owed than you ever dreamed possible. By filing bankruptcy, you can immediately eliminate your credit card debt. Not only will you be able to stop worrying about making minimum payments each month, but the collection calls will stop and you will stop sinking deeper into the whole of consumer debt.

Medical bills are another common reason that people file for bankruptcy. If you have faced a major accident or illness, you could have thousands of dollars in medical debt hanging over your head. Bankruptcy can alleviate this debt as well, freeing you from the stress of figuring out how you will pay those hospital bills.

If you owe money on a mortgage or auto loan, these debts could also be eliminated, but it may cost you your home or car. To learn the best strategy to keep your home and your car, you will need to consult with an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer Oshkosh. There are several different ways you can file bankruptcy to avoid losing your property, but you must do it correctly and you will need the experience of a qualified attorney.

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