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Hospice Home Health Care Provides Solace For People In The Final Months Of Life

A patient may enter a hospice program at any time if he or she is experiencing a life-limiting illness. Legally, the decision must be made by the patient. Most hospice programs accept patients whose life expectancy is six months or less. A family can discuss this option at any time, whether they do so with a health care professional, clergy member, or a doctor.

Initiating a Hospice Plan of Care

Hospice home health care services are provided for patients who feel more comfortable receiving such care at home. If hospice care is recommended, the patient’s physician is first contacted to make sure he or she agrees with this care option.

Signing the Required Documentation

If the patient agrees to hospice home health care services, he or she will be asked to sign insurance forms and a consent form. This the same type of documentation that is signed when a patient enters a hospital. If the patient receives Medicare, the form will indicate how choosing hospice care affects his or her Medicare coverage.

Making an Assessment

A professional who works in hospice home health care services assesses a patient’s needs and suggests any equipment that is required for their care. Frequently, the need for equipment is, at first, limited. The addition of a machine is not usually necessary until a medical condition progresses. Hospice providers will do all they can to ensure that home care is safe, secure, and hygienic.

In the early part of home hospice care, it is normally not necessary for someone to watch the patient 24/7. However, as time goes on, the patient may need to have someone next to him or her continuously. This gives the patient reassurance that he or she will not die alone. A hospice plan does not include postposing or hastening the process of dying. Instead, it is offered to provide the needed expertise and support during the end of a patient’s life. Look at your options by speaking to a consultant at Sacred Journey Hospice today. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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