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Home maintenance and improvement projects

Home remodeling and home improvement in Rochester NY is big business. Throughout the country, home improvement accounts for over 40% of the money spent on construction, the industry accounts for about two percent of the entire economy.

The answer to the question “is it worth it to remodel my home?” is “probably.” The reason the industry is so large is because people find that there is value in making improvements to their homes. The payback on the remodeling investment is not instant but often 80 to 90% payback can be seen within a couple of years and the longer you stay in the house the potential for you getting more back that you put in increases considerably. The longer you stay in the home you take advantage of the overall growth in the property market. When you are considering Home Improvement Rochester NY you should consider three things:

* How does the investment impact the appraised value of the home?

* How long do you think you will stay living in the home?

* How strong is the real estate market in your area?

Home improvement projects can be broken down into categories:

* Maintenance and repair: These are projects which have to be done to keep the home in good condition, the projects fall into the area of roofing, painting of the exterior, window replacements, furnace and air conditioning replacement and electrical upgrades. These are the first projects that must be tackled because buyers insist on having a home which is structurally and mechanically sound.

* Projects to enhance curb appeal: These are usually low cost, high impact projects that are appealing to the emotions. Projects of this nature include landscaping, a green healthy lawn, freshly painted surfaces, clean windows and de-cluttering.

* Neighborhood norms: These are projects that keep the home at par with the other homes in the area. If your home only has one bath and all the other homes have two, you are at a disadvantage when selling. You must determine if the ROI of adding a bath will be worth it.

* Boosting appraised value: These projects can be the most costly as they are usually focused on adding livable area to the home. The living area is the core appraisal metrics but be sure to stay within the neighborhood norms.

* Lifestyle projects: These are projects such as home theatres, swimming pool, sauna etc. projects of this nature often give poor ROI; they are done because you want them.

In many cases the value of the home can be increased considerably when you undertake Home Improvement Rochester NY but the wise homeowner will look at the return on investment first rather than after the work is done.
For any home improvement in Rochester NY, be it roofing, siding, room additions or windows, contact the certified technicians at Team JJ Construction. If you are looking for quality, look no further than Team JJ Construction.

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