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Home Damaged in Fire? Let Lawyer Help with Your Fire Damage Claims in Minneapolis, MN

It’s a homeowner’s nightmare to stand on a sidewalk and watch their home burn to the ground. Unfortunately for many that’s just the beginning of the nightmare. After paying on their homeowner insurance policy for years, they may be told by the insurance company that their claim isn’t valid or that they’ll only pay a small portion of it. That’s when they have to hire a lawyer to help the with their Fire Damage Claims Minneapolis MN.

First the lawyer will review every sentence in the homeowner’s insurance policy to see exactly what the policy does cover. Then they’ll look at all of the correspondence between the homeowner and the insurance company to determine if they misrepresented the policy in any way. After they have a thorough understanding the policy, they’ll look at the reports filed by the local fire department and fire marshal’s office. It should give the cause of the fire. Then they’ll be in a good position to fight any refusal to fully pay the Fire Damage Claims Minneapolis MN filed by the policy holder.

They’ll have their own fire damage specialist walk through with the damaged home and landscape and make their own list of what should be covered and why. Then they’ll submit to the insurance company with a letter requesting that they honor the claim. When the insurance company sees that the plaintiff isn’t going to stop demanding that they be compensated in full, they often agree to pay the claim. It’s much cheaper than getting involved in lengthy litigation and then having to pay the claim.

People who have just lost their home may not feel that they can afford to hire an attorney to represent them. They think that they can reason with the insurance company. What they have to realize is that the insurance company makes money by collecting premiums and not paying out claims. So they are not on the side of the homeowner. A lawyer, such as Sauro & Bergstrom PLLC, will take this type of case on a contingency basis. If they don’t convince the company to pay the claim, they don’t make any money. So the homeowner knows the lawyer will fight for them vigorously.

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