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Hiring Electricians for A Project? Look for Certain Qualifications

If you live in Vancouver, you may find yourself in need of an electrician. An electrical contractor can suggest one or more candidates. You can also ask friends who have had electrical work done on their homes. Building or other professional associations may also be able to recommend several electricians. However, beyond the references, they give you, what other qualifications should you, as a responsible home or business owner, look for?

Basic Qualifications

When talking to an electrician or electrical contractor, it is important not to assume he or she is qualified to do the job. It is important to look at several things before deciding whether he or she possesses the right qualifications. One factor is to consider their classification or level. In Canada, an electrician can fall into one of three categories:

1. Apprentice
2. Journeyman
3. Master

An apprentice does not work alone but in conjunction with a licensed electrician. Journeymen have a limited scope of work. Master electricians boast the highest qualifications of the three levels.

In Vancouver, an industrial electrician need not have trade certification. However, in other parts of Canada, this is a prerequisite. If you need an industrial electrician, be aware of this fact. Some British Columbia industrial electrical contractors may go one step further. They may have a Red Seal endorsement.

Residential Licensed Electricians and Contractors

Whether you hire an electrician or electrical contractor, remember the following. All must possess the following characteristics:

  • They are completely insured
  • They arrange for the right permits
  • They have the qualifications to perform the kind of electrical work your project requires
  • They can provide you with a Certificate of Inspection
  • They provide you with references you can validate

Wherever you live in Vancouver, always make certain the electricians you consider for a job exhibit these qualities. It is not only the law, but it is the best means of keeping your home, business or industrial concern safe from electrical hazards.

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