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Hire A Divorce Lawyer in Davenport, IA For a Fair Settlement

Even the best divorce is an emotional experience, but when it is a contested divorce it can be very difficult to endure. A Divorce Lawyer in Davenport, IA can help either spouse protect their rights and economic situation. A divorce means that two people who were supporting a single household will now have to support two homes. This can be very difficult if one spouse was working and the other was home raising the children. Divorce is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the United States.

In addition to economic consequences, divorce can make parenting very difficult. If both parents agree on a parenting style and respect each other, it is possible for them to have joint custody. Even if the children live most of the time with one parent, both parents will share in making major life decisions. However, there are times when the parents can’t agree on parenting decisions. When these are fundamental issues such as vaccination or homeschooling, it is unlikely that compromise is an option. In that case the judge will probably award one parent sole custody.

In addition, one parent may believe that living with their spouse is an unsafe situation for the children. Their lawyer could even hire a private investigator to follow the other parent. This could unearth risky behaviors such as drug use or violent romantic partners. All of this information will be turned over to the judge, who will ultimately decide who raises the children. By law, the judge can only consider what is in the best interest of the child.

Parents often are surprised that once they decide to divorce, that a judge will actually have control over who raises their children and how the children are supervised. This will continue until the children are 18 or 21 depending upon the state. Even if the parents agree on who they think should raise the children, a judge can overrule them. The judge also establishes how much money the non-custodial parent should pay in child support. While there are legal guidelines, judges do vary this according to individual circumstances.

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