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Here’s What You Have to Do If Your Family Dog Has a Stroke in Ft. Meade

One day, you might notice that your dog is behaving strangely. His head might be tilted; his eyes might go in different directions or from side to side; or your dog might even have trouble walking. If you see these types of behavior in your canine, immediately take him to the veterinary hospital in Ft. Meade. All of these signs could be an indication that your dog is having a stroke.

How Do I Know That My Dog is Having a Stroke?

Unfortunately, you won’t know for sure until you take him to the veterinary hospital in Ft. Meade. The symptoms of a stroke in dogs can be similar to those of other conditions. There’s also the fact that dogs aren’t able to communicate their symptoms or pain in the way that humans can.

The Symptoms of a Stroke in Dogs

The symptoms will largely depend on where in the brain your dog’s stroke occurred. Many pet owners overlook these symptoms, which can lead to more serious issues down the road. Some of the symptoms that a dog can experience when they have a stroke include a tilted head, trouble walking, unusual eye movement, or falling. Sudden onset of any of these symptoms is cause to go to a veterinary hospital immediately.

What to Do After Your Dog Has a Stroke

Take your dog to the veterinarian to get tests. Your vet will first rule out other issues. They might then have you go see a specialist who can examine your dog’s brain using either a CT or MRI scan. If your dog did have a stroke, your vet will begin treatment immediately.

Gambrills Veterinary Center has taken care of the pets in the Ft. Meade area for many years.

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