Here Are Four Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Home Remodeling

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When remodeling your bathroom, it is best to come up with ideas before hiring a company that offers bathroom remodeling in Burr Ridge. This way, you are not losing a lot of time on your project. Start planning your project by checking out these ideas for your next bathroom remodel.

Modern Upgrades

You can start by making the following upgrades to your bathroom.

Walk-In Showers

You can create a more modern space by opting for a walk-in shower. One idea is a rainfall-style shower, which features an overhead shower head and soft palette. Another idea is a glass enclosed shower with a freestanding bathtub several feet away.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

When you opt for wall-mounted fixtures, you are creating more visual space without getting rid of any essentials. You can have your sink and toilet mounted to the wall. Use a recessed wall with shelving as an alternative to a traditional vanity with cabinetry

Design Ideas

You can also change the vibe in your bathroom by looking into the following design ideas.

Sleek and Artsy

If you are looking for a sleek but artsy design, consider a mixture of glass, mirror and mosaic tiles. It creates a modern vibe in your bathroom, but the mosaic tiles also add a dose of artistic flair. Finish off the design with a vanity that features a light gray counter on black cabinetry.

On the Beach

Are you planning to create a beach-inspired bathroom? Start with paneled walls in a beige shade and add in a wooden dresser for your white vessel sink. On the wall, place rustic floating shelves for your toiletries or decorative pieces. A beige Inca mirror is another great addition to your space.

When you need a company that offers bathroom remodeling in Burr Ridge, consider the certified team at MK Construction and Builders, Inc.

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