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Help From A Drug Offense Lawyer in Anacortes

For those who have been charged with a drug offense, the help of a lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome. These cases can be quite tricky and have lifelong implications if lost. There are Drug Offense Lawyer Anacortes services that are experienced and professional in their field.
The help of a lawyer should begin once the charge has been filed. They will begin by analyzing the case and recommending a course of action on how to defend clients. Most lawyers work under the assumption of innocence. They will study and examine the case closely and find information that can be used in the case. Lawyers will represent clients during litigation and aggressively defend them to win the case. The ramifications of a drug offense are huge. A lawyer can help to reduce charges or get a case dismissed altogether.

Drug charges vary depending on the situation. That being said, even the smallest of misdemeanor can affect a person’s life. A simple possession charge can still lead to a maximum of 90 days in prison coupled with a $1000 fine. However, the biggest ramification of a charge like this is the record it leaves. Offenders are left with a drug offense on their record, leaving it difficult to get a job and severely damaging their reputation and record for the rest of their lives.

Offenders need a lawyer to defend their case. Without one, they can be faced with massive jail time with additional charges. It’s not uncommon for prosecutors to add additional charges onto one offense as well as sentence enhancements. One simple misdemeanor can turn into numerous charges and a longer jail time. For example, if the client is charged with the misdemeanor “within a school zone,” they can be faced with an additional 2 years of jail time. This can mean within just 1000 feet of a bus stop. A lawyer can help to keep the charges and jail time low. They will know about the evidence found from the offense and how to successfully question any witnesses. Their experience will prove beneficial in the end.

All in all, a lawyer can make a huge difference in a drug offense case. With the implication of such charges on a permanent record, clients need their help. All it takes is a bit of research to find lawyers such as Powers & Costeck to help win their case.

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