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Healthcare for Your Urban Pets: Veterinary Preventive Care in Bridgeport

Discover veterinary preventive care in Bridgeport that unites modern veterinary medicine with traditional sensibilities, healthcare that’s honest and fair. And that provides friendly and compassionate care for your pet in a supportive, professional, and nurturing environment; a veterinary clinic that provides the best traditional healthcare for your pet and offers holistic options.

Are you a dog person? A cat person? Or both? You’ll find yourself covered with a veterinary clinic that provides individualized wellness programs for cats and dogs. Because animal companions can experience health changes rapidly, veterinary preventative programs can help monitor their well-being and keep your pet up-to-date on vaccines, general check-ups, and well-being status reports.

Wellness for Puppies and Kittens

You’ll appreciate puppy and kitten wellness programs with an initial exam, testing for parasites, and vaccinations. Plus, you can gain information and confidence and discover nutrition, training, and socialization recommendations.

Adult Pet Wellness

You should bring your pet for an annual check-up, plus any necessary diagnostic tests and vaccination updates. A yearly exam protects your pet’s health and brings you peace of mind.

Senior Pet

Before your pet reaches senior status, bringing them in for a baseline test is a good idea. Then, as they age, your pet can receive individualized care and attention to support their good health throughout their whole lifespan.

Veterinary Preventive Care Bridgeport

For more information on Urban PetRX wellness programs or to schedule an appointment for veterinary preventative care in Bridgeport, McKinley Park, and surrounding areas, please contact Urban PetRX today!

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