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Have Peace of Mind on Vacation with Convenient Pet Boarding in Alexandria, VA

Family vacations are always an exciting adventure, but when you can’t take your pets along for the fun, things can quickly turn into a stressful mess. Instead of relying on friends, family, or neighbors to take care of your puppy while you’re away, head to this convenient animal hospital that offers puppy boarding in Alexandria, VA. They also offer boarding services for older dogs, cats, and kittens.

Care You Can Count On

Taking advantage of the boarding opportunities at this animal hospital in Alexandria will not only give you the peace of mind you need regarding the care of your pet, but you can also rely on the team to spend quality time with your pet. Although each boarded animal gets several minutes of playtime with staff each day, you can always opt to add more time if your pet is used to a lot of attention. If your puppy has to take medication, you can also rely on the professional veterinary staff to administer any prescriptions properly.

Extensive Reservation Process Keeps Animals and Staff Healthy

Every pet parent that takes advantage of the puppy boarding in Alexandria, VA must present all current vaccination records and fecal exam results before the animal can be checked-in for their stay. This not only ensures that all animals at the office stay healthy, but that the staff remains safe and healthy as well.

Contact Fort Hunt Animal Hospital to learn more about their puppy boarding in Alexandria, VA.

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