Hair Tips From Experts In Professional Hair Coloring Services In Rock TX

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Beauty Salon

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Home dye jobs can never top professional Hair Coloring Services Rock TX; however, lots of people can’t resist the temptation of DIY color. The following are a few tips from hair color experts at Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar that can help amateurs get the best results possible.

Make The Right Match

People who have previously dyed their hair or who have a lot of white or gray hair may not get the results promised on the box of hair color. When hair has been previously dyed, the new color will appear somewhat darker on older hair and brighter at the roots. White or gray hair can be hard to cover and may still appear lighter than other hair after the coloring is finished. In general, it’s a good idea to go a shade darker with permanent dyes because they tend to look lighter than what the picture on the box would indicate.

Protect The Ends

When doing a touch-up or re-dying hair that still holds some color from the last time, don’t apply color to the ends. Excess dye will just damage the hair and make it heavy and unmanageable. Even the dye that runs off while rinsing can be a problem, so experts recommend applying conditioner to the ends just before rinsing. Another trick is to thicken the dye with a little cornstarch. This can keep the dye from dripping while it’s being applied.

Avoid Streaks

Once all the color is applied, it needs to sit on the hair for fifteen to twenty minutes so that it can penetrate each strand. During this time, the hair should be left loose rather than wrapped in a towel or twisted in a bun. Twisting the hair concentrates the dye in certain areas, causing those areas to show up as darker streaks. Experts in Hair Coloring Services Rock TX recommend spritzing the hair with just a little water and massaging it in before rinsing. This helps to ensure that the color is well distributed.

These tips can help amateurs get the color and look they hope for. But for guaranteed results, make an appointment for Hair Coloring Services Rock TX at Visit Website.

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