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Gynecological Disorders That May Cause Infertility

In you have searched the Internet for “In Vitro Fertilization Orlando FL,” then you may have concerns about infertility.

Certain gynecological disorders can cause infertility, however, when recognized and treated quickly, your chances for becoming pregnant rises exponentially. Here are some gynecological conditions that may raise your risk for infertility and what you can do about them:

If you have endometriosis, then the tissue from your endometrium may be proliferating outside of your uterus. In fact, endometrial tissue can grow on your ovaries, bladder, bowel, and even block your Fallopian tubes. This can raise your risk for infertility, however, with treatments such as hormone therapy and in vitro fertilization, pregnancy can become a reality.

If you develop severe menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, or pain and bleeding between your periods, you may have endometriosis, and you should make an appointment with your gynecologist as soon as possible. While an internal pelvic examination may reveal evidence of endometriosis, an exploratory laporoscopy procedure will be needed to confirm your doctor’s suspicions.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Another gynecological disorder that may lead to infertility is polycystic ovarian syndrome. This condition causes multiple ovarian cysts, and can cause obesity, oily skin, hair loss on the head, excessive hair growth on the face and arms, and the cessation of menstrual periods.

If you develop any of these symptoms, your gynecologist may refer you to a reproductive endocrinologist for further evaluation and treatment. Hormonal blood tests and a pelvic ultrasound may help your physician diagnose your polycystic ovarian syndrome so that an effective treatment plan can be implemented to help preserve your fertility.

The next time you search the Internet for “In Vitro Fertilization Orlando FL,” visit the website of Advanced Reproductive Specialists, where you can learn about fertility options best suited for your individual situation.

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