Guide to Selecting Roofers in Gig Harbor

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Articles

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In the Pacific Northwest, homeowners depend on solid roofs to protect their homes from the elements. A roof’s performance is directly related to how well it was installed and how well it is maintained. Homeowners hire Roofers in Gig Harbor to both install and maintain roofs. Finding a skilled and reputable roofer does not need to be difficult when following these suggestions.

Consider Roofing Materials

Homeowners have numerous options available to them when installing a new roof. Materials range from standard asphalt shingles to new products such as metal, rubber, or even solar roofing. Both with new installations and routine maintenance, be sure to consider roofers with experience using the type of roofing materials the homeowner has chosen.

Ask Around

Talk with neighbors, coworkers, and local friends about roofers they have used in the past. Discuss the projects and whether the homeowners were satisfied with the result. If any problems occurred on the job, were they resolved satisfactorily? Most importantly, would they use the roofer again in the future? Other home service contractors such as HVAC contractors, plumbers, or electricians may offer referrals to reputable Roofers in Gig Harbor.

Stay Local

When considering roofers, only consider companies located within a reasonable distance from Gig Harbor. Roofers who have traveled to the area after severe weather may be available to complete a job, but if a problem occurs, they will be off to the next location, and they certainly will not be available to help maintain the roof. Homeowners who hire local roofers can have peace of mind that they will be able to stay in touch with a contractor throughout the life of the roof.

Estimates and Warranties

Roofers provide free estimates for new roof installation projects. Contact at least three recommended roofers to provide an estimate. Do not assume the lowest price estimate will be the best value, however. Consider the type of roofing materials, the estimated service life of those materials, as well as any warranties offered on both the roofing materials and the installation work itself. Carefully consider the options and then choose the contractor providing the best overall value for the home.

In Closing

Choosing a reputable roofer is vital for all homeowners. Roofs protect the homes and provide curb appeal. Protect your investment by carefully selecting a roofer to take care of all a home’s roofing needs.

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