When people think about decorating or refreshing their interiors, oftentimes the last thing they get around to is the windows. The walls (paint or wallpaper), floors (carpet or hard wood), furniture (couch, tables, chairs), bedding, accessories and knick knacks usually place higher on the priority list.


However, if you start with the windows, you’ll be surprised at how little you might need to do elsewhere. A finely made window treatment, like grommet drapes, for example, can make a statement and a big impact in your room. Grommet drapes are the utmost in a crisp, modern look that are perfect for stylish interiors. And there are so many companies out there now that have been making window treatments for enough years that they have the technique and technology dialed in, you should be able to get custom-made grommet drapes for not much more money than buying them off the rack elsewhere.


There’s a big difference between custom-made window treatments and everything else. When they hug your windows perfectly and fit to the exact specifications of the provided space, it’ll show that you are a person who pays attention to detail, and people will be wondering if you hired a decorator.


And with the right style, color, fabric and pattern, you might rethink replacing what’s on your wall or floor because what’s on the window can end up speaking volumes. Couple that with the savings that you’ll incur as a result of keep out the hot summer air and the cold winter air (think lower energy bills), and you’ll wonder why dressing your windows wasn’t first on your to do list in the first place.

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