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Granite Countertop – What Makes them so Popular?

When you start your search for a countertop San Fernando Valley CA, you’ll see that granite often comes out on top. It’s the number one material used to create modern style worktops and there are many reasons why it’s so popular with consumers.

Providing quality and luxury
Granite not only looks impressive, but it will also last a home many years. It requires minimum maintenance and provides a fantastic shine to the room. It is better used in kitchens that want to achieve a modern feel.

The main reason why granite is so expensive is because it is created to a very high standard. The composite of silicon, quartz, mica and feldspar as well as other materials help to give it a beautiful texture. Granite is also resistant to acids and chemicals. When you compare this to similar materials such as marble, you’ll see that it is actually more durable too.

Any home that features granite worktops has a luxury feel. Therefore if there’s just one change that you make to the home, new countertops could be the perfect choice.

Each granite countertop is unique
Another great advantage to granite worktops is that they’re all unique. This is because every single slab of natural stone is different. Different pieces of granite could have a slightly different color and it will likely have differing patterns too. So when you choose to install granite worktops in the home, you know you’re getting a unique design.

Environmentally friendly
Another reason why many people opt for a granite countertop San Fernando Valley CA is because it’s environmentally friendly. This natural rock doesn’t leave a carbon footprint. There are no pollutants or chemicals needed to create a good quality granite worktop.

As granite is also less porous than many other types of materials, it means you’re less likely to be exposed to harmful bacteria.
If you buy a light granite worktop then it will need to be sealed once a year. It’s also important to get the countertop San Fernando Valley CA installed properly. If it is then the results should last for many years. It should be chip resistant and it won’t warp either.

Initial cost outweighed by long term savings
It’s often the initial cost of granite countertops which puts people off. However, the fact they require very little maintenance and are so easy to install helps to save you a lot of money in the long term. Cheaper countertops often require quite a lot of maintenance to keep them in top condition.

Overall granite is one material that’s likely to never go out of fashion. When you invest in this material you know it will last you for years. It has many advantages and that is what makes it so popular as a countertop choice throughout the world.

Harter Surfaces is located in Pacoima, CA. With over 55years the company has been providing some of the highest quality granite worktops in the San Fernando area.

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