Gold Buyers in Lombard Turn Your Unwanted Gold Jewelry Into Cash

by | Sep 2, 2013 | Jewelry

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Twenty years ago, you bought some jewelry that you liked because it was in style, something about the design appealed to you, or you just simply wanted a gold chain for hanging pendants from. Now, that jewelry is out of fashion, you don’t like it anymore, or the gold chain has kinks in it. Chances are, you’ve put them in the back of a jewelry box or drawer and have forgotten about them. Get them out of their dusty hiding places and bring them to Gold buyers Lombard. You can cash out the asset value of your pieces and use the money for something new or to put elsewhere.

The first step is to get your items out and take a look at them. Check to see the stamping that tells you the karat content of your item. The higher the number, 14k, 18k or 22k, means that there’s more gold than alloy. This means you’re going to get more money for your item than you would if it were a lower number such as 10k or 8k. Not that you won’t get a decent return on the lower numbers, just that it won’t be as much as you might expect from Gold buyers Lombard.

Now that you have an idea of how much gold is in the piece, the next thing to do is to bring it to a location such as pawn shop for appraisal. The buyers look over what you have brought in, weigh it and get an idea of how much gold content there is in the item. From there, they give you their price that they are paying for gold. It’s based off the daily spot price, but is typically lower due to different factors such as the cost to melt down the item, remove stones, etc. How much you are offered is going to depend on the amount of gold plus the quality of the stones.

It is entirely up to you to take the amount that is offered. At RJ Jewelry & Loan Company there is no pressure on you to sell your item at any time. If you do decide to take the offer, you get cash on the spot and walk away. That’s it, no coming back unless you find something else to sell.

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