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Give Your Parents the Accommodations They Need at a Memory Care Facility

Your parents have always put you first in life, and it’s time for you to return the favor now that they are aging. Both are struggling with memory disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. At first, you tried to take care of them by yourself, checking in daily after work or staying with them at night. However, it wasn’t enough, and they required more supervision. You found the same drawback with bringing in a home health aide. While you wanted to keep them in their own home, it is no longer a safe option as they need to be monitored 24 hours a day. To ensure that your parents receive the best care and attention, choose a facility that specializes in memory care.

Give Your Parents the Benefit of Care Designed to Meet Their Needs

As you consider senior living facilities in Decatur, GA, you have a wide variety of options that include independent living communities designed for seniors, assisted living facilities, and nursing facilities. However, perhaps your parents are in a unique situation. Their conditions have not progressed to the point where they need total support from a nursing home, but they cannot handle independent living. If you are considering an assisted living facility, choose one that understands memory care

Choose a Facility Where Your Parents Will Receive Comprehensive Memory Care

Be selective as you review senior living facilities in Decatur, GA. You want a facility that will provide compassionate care where supervision is available at all times. Nursing staff should be available every day, night and day. Every member of the facility should take a team approach to caring for your parents. All residents should be evaluated closely on a regular basis to check the progression of their condition to ensure they are receiving the needed level of care.

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