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Getting Your Kids Ready for Summer Camp in Trumbull, CT

Summer camp is an exciting time for families, whether it’s a sleepaway camp or a summer day camp. It’s the first time that many kids are away from home, and it’s also often the first time that parents are separated from their children. This exciting time can be filled with a lot of emotions on both sides. If you’re looking for information about summer camp for kids Trumbull CT, the following tips can help.

Check Packing Lists

Sleepaway summer camps usually provide a packing list for parents and kids so that they can make sure that the kids have everything they need while they’re away. Camps also include list of items that shouldn’t be brought to camp, so they pay special attention to those parts of the list as well. If you start attacking the list early, you can help ensure that you don’t miss anything. Visit the website for the camp to find out more info about the lists.

Set Realistic Expectations

Let your children know that all of their feelings are valid. There may be times at

camp when they’re super bored, and there may be times at camp when they’re deliriously happy. There may be times that they miss you, and there may be times when they don’t miss you at all. Let them know that while you miss them, you want them to have an amazing time.

Make the Camp Aware of Any Medical Conditions or Allergies

Make sure that your camp is aware of any medical conditions are allergies that your children may have. Make sure there’s an action plan in place in case there is an issue.

Looking for full-day summer camp for kids Trumbull CT is really exciting, and Next Dimension Gymnastics can help you come up with a plan. Visit the website to find out more information, or give us a call.

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