Getting Rid of Your Bunions So You Can Walk Around Chicago Without Pain Feb02


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Getting Rid of Your Bunions So You Can Walk Around Chicago Without Pain

Bunions are often the result of years of smashing your feet into ill-fitting shoes and forcing yourself to walk around that way. When you live in Chicago and walk a lot or take the L-train, you are spending a lot of time on your feet, which makes it worse. If you have bunions that are currently making it impossible for you to walk, you will need a doctor that specializes in bunions in Hyde Park. An orthopedist treats bunions in Hyde Park so that you can finally walk around pain free again. Here’s what is involved in the procedure.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation the orthopedist gets x-rays of your feet. This tells him or her how bad the bunions really are and how intensive the surgery will be to fix your feet. Some bunions are easy to fix and won’t be difficult at all. The worst bunions may require bone breaking and setting with pins as well as bone reshaping to set the toe joints right. The orthopedist will show you on the x-rays what needs to be done and explain the treatment that he or she recommends.


Just so you can manage to get around, the orthopedist usually only does one foot at a time. You can choose which foot to do first, although your doctor may recommend one foot over the other. You will need several weeks to recover, but you can generally return to work after a few days if you feel comfortable enough. To get an appointment, contact Mitchell Foot and Ankle today.

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