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Getting Pool Service in Houston for Green Algae

Summer is just around the corner, and it is getting hotter every day. There isn’t a better way to beat the heat and get some exercise than by going for a swim, and with the variety and price range of today’s swimming pools, your next swim can be as close as your back yard. However, a green pool can dampen your day of water fun; below are some tips from Pool Service In Houston on what causes your pool to turn from crystal clear to green and murky.

Green pool water is almost exclusively caused by green algae. If your pool water is chemically imbalanced, the algae will grow out of control; such imbalances are often the result of protracted hot weather, heavy rains, or improper chemical addition. Green algae won’t harm you directly, but it can feed other organisms such as bacteria. It’s also hard to see underwater if it’s green—making it dangerous to go in. Danger alone is enough of a reason to avoid swimming in a green pool, but the reality is that it’s just plain unpleasant.

Other than the safety issues of an algae filled pool, there are different factors to be aware of. If not quickly and properly treated, the green algae can clog your pool filters and plumbing. Pool Service Houston costs will rise, and it will take more time and money to get your pool back into shape.

Algae in your pool can be managed and treated by keeping a chlorine level of two to three ppm (parts per million). Algae will still exist in your pool at that chlorine concentration, but it will not be able to multiply. Green algae can be killed through superchlorination (raising the concentration to 30 ppm). After that time, your pool will need to be vacuumed and the filter back flushed. Your pool service technician will then check the pH and adjust if necessary, and use chlorine tabs or algaecide to perform spot treatments.

Swimming is fun for your entire family, as long as the water is clear and clean. It’s a great way to combat the heat and get a workout at the same time—but when algae turns your pool water murky green, your fun is over. Green algae isn’t a direct threat, but it can still cause problems for you and your pool. Get your algae problems treated by a licensed Pool Service Houston company.

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