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Getting Invisalign in Chicago Can Transform Your Appearance

Teeth not in proper alignment can give rise to various dental problems. These include improper food chewing, difficulty maintaining hygiene and compromised aesthetics. This is when orthodontic treatment is needed. Braces consist of brackets and wires placed upon the surface of teeth to bring about their desired position. Tightening of these wires results in pressure and tooth movement. Although orthodontic braces have enjoyed huge popularity, they are not always a feasible option for adults. Many are turning to Invisalign Chicago instead.

Discrete Alternative
Invisalign is a procedure that falls under the umbrella of both cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry. It consists of clear plastic aligners to help bring alignment of the patient’s teeth. When considering this as an alternative, there are several pros and cons that must be considered. The main advantage for many is aesthetics. For starters, the clear plastic aligners are barely noticeable even in broad daylight. Television anchors and others in the public sector can use this option without concern.

Improved Oral Hygiene
Another large benefit of wearing invisible braces is the fact they are completely removable. Therefore, while brushing your teeth or when eating they can be taken out. This makes it easy to maintain enhanced dental health. Traditional braces on the other hand have brackets and wires placed on the teeth which cannot be moved. For this reason, more people with orthodontic braces suffer from plaque accumulation and tooth decay than those who wear invisible braces.

Potential Disadvantages
One of the biggest drawbacks to Invisalign in Chicago is that it’s not suitable for all cases of misaligned teeth. Patients that have severe crowding or problems such as severe overbite may find this method cannot be employed to correct these issues. Overbite correction usually requires conventional orthodontic braces for best results. Additionally, individuals with rotated teeth are not good candidates either. This is because a single aligner constructed of plastic for each tooth cannot withstand pressure or torque.

Cost Comparison
Another potential deterrent for many people might be the cost factor. Conventional braces are typically far less expensive. Clear plastic aligners must be switched out at every visit and are constructed by a dental laboratory. Additionally, this treatment typically is performed by an experienced orthodontic surgeon, which adds to the expense. Because they are a removable appliance some patients will not wear them for the necessary suggested time. This would require fabrication of new aligners and escalates overall costs.

Conventional or Invisible
When comparing traditional braces versus invisible options, the best solution is talking with an orthodontist to discuss an appropriate treatment plan. They will make a determination based on your current dental health, suitability and budget. Whichever you decide, braces of any sort can transform your smile considerably.

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