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Getting Help from a Personal Injury Attorney in Port Orchard

When a person has been injured through no fault of his or her own, that is usually an opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit. Different states and commonwealths have varying rules on how the laws regarding personal injuries are applied to individual cases. A personal injury attorney in Port Orchard, Washington will help clients who have personal injury issues that they would like to resolve through the legal forum. Here are some facts that potential clients need to know about personal injury laws in the State of Washington.

Personal Injury Law in Washington

The first thing a potential client needs to know about filing a personal injury lawsuit in Washington is that the statute of limitations allows for three years from the date of the accident and injury. This means that if the client does not get the lawsuit filed within this window, the opportunity to have the case heard will most likely be gone. In addition, the client will not have the chance to be awarded damages and will be responsible for any bills that occur because of personal injuries.

More about Personal Injury Law in Washington

Washington applies the pure comparative fault when it comes to personal injury cases, which means that if the other party files a claim against the injured party for partial blame, the injured party stands to lose compensation. Any damages that might be awarded in the case will be reduced by the percentage the injured party is found at fault. A client will want to do all that is possible to avoid having this happen, so finding an excellent lawyer or law firm is going to be key.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Washington

Many lawyers practice personal injury laws in states where people experience personal injuries at the hands of another and need representation. The Law Offices of Anthony C. Otto advise and represent clients who have been injured in an accident or incident through no fault of their own. If a person is in need of a personal injury attorney in Port Orchard, the law office is available. The team at the law offices invite interested parties to contact us for more information.

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