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Getting Approved for a Jail Bond: What It Means for You

When a person is arrested, the first thing that happens once the person is booked is the defendant will be taken to court (or a judge’s chambers) in order for a bail amount to be set. Now this bail amount is dependent on a series for factors, past history, severity of crime, risk to the general public, flight risk, etc. All of this is taken into consideration by a judge in order to render a decision as to how much the defendant must pay in order to be free on bail until their appointed court date.

Now a person can either pay the bail bond by themselves or borrow the money. In most cases a defendant simply just does not have the money or financial resources to truly come up with the sums that are needed in order to pay the bail bond. When this is the case the other option is to call for a jail bond in Dekalb County. They can help a defendant pay their bail bond and be free within a matter of hours.

The Approval Process

In order for a jail bond Dekalb County to pay a bail on behalf of a defendant, there is a bit of an approval process that the defendant must go through first in order the bail bond company to proceed with paying the bail. This process is very similar to a loan application. Some things that a jail bond company may look at is past and current employment history, any collateral or securities that can be put up for the loan, and even a few character questions. It is not an overly complicated process but does involve some questions and maybe even collateral in order to get approved for the loan for the bail bond.

Once approved for a loan to pay a jail bond, the process afterwards is pretty quick. The money for the jail bond is secured by the jail bond company and paid to the court. Then within a matter or an hour or so (depending on how busy the county jail and the court are at the time) the defendant can be out free on bail. They just then have to report to the court on their scheduled court date in order for the funds paid for the jail bond to be released.

Sometimes there are just no other options when it comes to paying a jail bond. When this happens a jail bond company like Free at Last Bail Bonds can come to the rescue.

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