Get Your Smile Back Through Cosmetic Dentistry Wilton Aug07


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Get Your Smile Back Through Cosmetic Dentistry Wilton

Your face gives the first impression any time you meet someone. One of the focal points of your face is the smile because this expresses your temperament at any time. Consider a situation where your smile can never communicate what your true feelings are. It might sound surreal but it happens with many people whose teeth are disfigured, discolored, or just misshapen due to one reason or the other. If you have been suffering inwardly due to your denture problem, cosmetic dentistry Wilton has the exact solution you need today.

What is cosmetic dentistry Wilton all about?
This is a branch of dentistry that seeks to improve your appearance and sometimes even the function by correcting any bite defects or denture complications. Such complications include discoloration, chipped teeth, missing teeth, and even uneven teeth. There are many techniques, which can greatly help to improve your overall dental wellbeing and these include;

Teeth whitening; this is the lightening of teeth to give them a healthy color or return them to their original state. It is a procedure that takes time and several visits to a dentist, and it is ideal for those whose enamel is discolored due to smoking and poor hygiene among other causes. Cosmetic dentistry Wilton will recommend different whitening options based on the state of your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers; these are ultra-thin porcelain wafers applied on your teeth frontage to improve appearance and also repair any damage. The process is simple and can correct multiple problems from correcting a crooked smile to treating discolored teeth without any discomfort.

Bonding; this is a tooth colored resin material used to fill gaps, which cause crooked smiles. The material is applied to your tooth’s surface whether it attains the exact shape and then polished to give a perfect sheen, which lasts for many years to come.

Gum-lifts; this involves raising or sculpting your gum to give the desired shape and size of the teeth. The procedure otherwise known as gingivectomy can either make your teeth appear longer or even make the gum line appear even thus enhancing your smile.

Crowns; these are popular solutions to problems, which seem to emanate from structural weakness. Any professional in cosmetic dentistry Wilton will examine issues such as cracks in your teeth and advice on the fitting of crowns due to their long life. These fittings are made from porcelain fused with metal or even full gold crowns, which protects your teeth for many years. The process will also involve several visits to your dentist to ensure that the enamel is filed to a perfect position and a temporary crown is fitted before the permanent one is finally placed.

There are other evolving technologies, but an expert in cosmetic dentistry Wilton will always advise you accordingly.



Cosmetic Dentistry Wilton – For the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry, you need to work with a reputable clinic with adequate expertise and facilities to handle your case. In Wilton, a visit to will offer all these services and more.

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